Elphaba Beanie

OK – So I love the beanie that Elphaba wears in Wicked.

So I looked at a bunch of pictures, and I found that there are about a million different versions depending upon the production.  They are all pretty close, but the one I was looking for was the version that Idina Menzel wears in the original Broadway production.  After checking Rav, I found that I wasn’t happy with the patterns on there.  The hat is crocheted with small spaces showing between each stitch, but the patterns I found seemed to be more of a mesh (like filet crochet). The spaces in the show pictures I found didn’t seem that big. The only thing left to do was to make my own. Not too difficult – I’m pleased with the results:

Not only that, I wrote up the pattern!  Here’s what you need to know.  I used and H hook and some leftover worsted weight.  I’m not sure how much it took, but definitely not much.  The other important thing is that this is going to look a little small/tight when you first make it.  It should stretch a bit upon the first wearing.  If you crochet it to fit perfectly from the start, it will stretch out and be too loose after you wear it once.

This has NOT been test crocheted, so if you have any questions, feedback, I’d love to hear from you.  (Please be nice – remember it’s a freebie!)

And, I have no connection with Wicked the Musical, and any trademarks, etc. are the properties of their respective owners.

OK – Here’s my pattern:

Elphaba Beanie Hat


After looking at this for a day, I decided to try it again a bit differently.  I’ve adjusted the shaping a bit to make it a bit more flat at the top, since I think that matches the original a bit better.  Honestly, no one other than me would every notice any difference, but it was bugging me.  So, here for your further crocheting pleasure, I give you Elphie’s Hat Version 2!

Can’t really tell the difference, can you?  Even so – for anyone who prefers this version, here’s a new PDF:

Elphaba Beanie Hat Version 2


Eileen’s Doily

Eileen is not so much a “friend” as a good “acquaintance”. We don’t really keep in touch – don’t even exchange Christmas cards, but we have a number of friends in common, and usually run into each other at one or two get-togethers throughout the year. But she called me last November when I was getting close to the end of my pregnancy. Turns out, she also had winter babies and owned a number of dressy maternity items, ideal for the holidays, and would I like to borrow them. She really was a lifesaver. Even though at that point I had no desire to dress up and go out, there were a few holiday functions that just couldn’t be avoided.

Time went on, my little one came along and life with new baby, of course, got crazy. I did manage to return her clothes via a mutual friend, but never even sent so much as a thank-you note. I fully intended to call or write, but somehow the schedule never slowed down, and here we are 8 months or so later! Feeling downright rude, I decided I needed something more than a thank-you note to make amends for the lateness of my acknowlegement of her generosity. Hence, Eileen’s Doily. (Which is my standard fall-back gift.) Not knowing Eileen’s taste or sense of style, I just had to guess. I thought a square pattern was just enough out of the norm that even if she prefers a more contemporary look, she still might like this. I do know that she at one time sold “Southern Living” so I think I’m safe.

Mom’s Doily had to take a back seat, so that I could finish this first, but I did manage to get that one done yesterday. It came up a bit bigger than I hoped, but I think it should still fit in the spot mom has planned for it. (At least I hope so.) If not, I’ll try again with a smaller pattern. Doilies are funny in that in my opinion, gauge kind of goes out the window. Depending upon my mood, I can crochet the same pattern 5 times and get five completely different sizes. I do think it came up pretty though, and I think she’ll like it. This picture was taken while it was still blocking, so that’s why you see the lovely beach towel background!