So remember this way back in July of 2009?

This was my very first attempt at dying yarn – done with Kool-Aid, thank you very much!  The left hand one was mine, the one to the right was Jasmine’s.  Well, my skein has been sitting in my little rubbermade box (keeps out the moths), for the last year-plus.  Guess what!  {here’s where you say “What?!?!?!”}  I’ll tell  you what!  I FINALLY did something with it!  I proudly present to you . . . .

My Molly-Weasley Mitts!

This is not what I had originally intended for this pattern (Here, by the way – it’s a freebie).  I’ve had these reading mitts in my Ravelry queue forever.  So, once my Christmas knitting was finished, I thought I’d finally get a chance to try them.  I even had some gorgeous sock yarn in my stash that I thought would be perfect.  The problem was, that the pattern calls for DK.  And, yes, I probably could have tried them at a thinner weight, but I really liked the way they looked in the Ravelry sample pic (not the photo on the pattern itself) and I was afraid the same stitches in sock weight (beautiful though it is), just wouldn’t look the way I wanted. Well, the only wool DK in my stash was this.  So, I figured I’d give it a try.  Then, of course, I miss-measured on the first, so they’re about an inch longer than the original design.  But, it’s OK, because I got something that I didn’t even know I wanted.  The colors (as head-ache inducing as they are) kind of remind me of the Molly Weasley bell-sleeves from the first movie.  (Can you tell I finally saw HP7?)  So, I decided that if Molly wore reading mitts, this is probably what they’d look like.  Plus, they have the added benefit of being slouchy enough that if I turn them inside out, they’re very similar to the Hermione mitts in the most recent movie. (Yes, I know – the colors are off, but they’re close enough to suit me.)

So YEA!!!  Happy New Year to all, and I hope your Holiday Season was wonderful!!!!


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