Yes, I’m still Here

OK – so I know most of my posts seems to start with “Sorry this took so long”.  It’s just that sometimes life (and the holidays) get in the way.

So, I have been knitting.  The biggest bulk of my time was taken with this:

Mom’s Christmas gift. I’m really proud of it!  Although it was a lot of work, and there were a couple of times (one night in particular) when I though I was going to have to rip the entire thing out and then go wallow in a pit of despair.  But, thankfully, all mistakes were caught and corrected before I had to toss the whole thing. Still not loving the border  – I think borders are nicer in crochet – I mean, really, how much can you do with a knitted border?  (Yes, I know, there are a lot of nice knitted borders out there – it’s personal opinion.) And then – after the fact, of course – I found out that somewhere out there there’s an Option B for the border that is actually nicer, but I haven’t been able to find that option.  So here’s the pattern.  It’s called Frosted Ferns by Herbert Niebling.  If you’re going to attempt it, get used to counting and find a place to work with NO distractions!!!

Also managed a couple of other Christmas items, which I haven’t had a chance to photograph yet. AND made the Ashley Hat twice. There’s no gauge in the pattern, so I guessed the first time and the hat, while lovely, was way too big.  So I donated it to charity, dropped a couple of needle sizes and tried again.  Here’s my second try:

Size-wise it’s much better.  But, I think I could have gone down even another needle size on it.  Of course, it looks even bigger on my daughter, but she wanted to model this one for the picture.  It’s still MY hat, although I have a feeling she might steal it when I’m not looking.

I’ll get pictures of the other items somewhere along the line – really, I will.  I’ll do my best to snap them before they are gifted away.  In the meantime, our tree is (finally) up and decorated!  Not my favorite activity, but Jasmine wore me down. She actually did most of the decorating part.  I concentrated on putting it together and adding the lights.

The kids are happy with it, and it does look pretty!

So, Happy Christmas everyone! Go read Luke 2:11!

(“That’s what Christmas is all about, Charlie Brown”)