Remember Me???

OK – I know it’s been a while. Sorry!  I have been busy though with lots of things to show!  And, before you ask, no, I haven’t started any socks yet. BUT, knitting is supposed to be fun – and I have enough deadlines and schedules, so I refuse to feel bad for changing my knitting plans.  The socks will get done.  Probably when I decide that my feet are cold.

In the meantime, let’s start with the Vampire Halloween swap – which was awesome, by the way – I had the best spoiler!  So anyway, I made two bookmarks for my swapee’s package, and was very happy with both:


One is crocheted – I really like the way it came up in black – I may have to make one for myself. And for the 2nd, I pulled out the tatting shuttle and tried my fav bookmark pattern and red and black – I think they both look appropriately vampy, don’t you?

So speaking of the vampire swap – check out my awesome swag!


There was so much awesome stuff in my box! Check out the Malabrigo sock!  Also included were a cute little skull notebook, my favorite candies, a sock pattern to use with the Malabrigo sock, the first Vampire Diaries book, some awesome earrings from my Etsy favs(!!!!) aaaannnnndddd, fingerless gloves ala Mitchell from Being Human (my new favorite show!)  WOO HOO – best swap ever!!! Thanks to my fellow jersey gal knittothebottom for being an awesome partner!

So, while I had vampires on the brain, I decided to test knit the Urban Bat Sweater for submission to the Vampire Knits book. It was a quick knit, and came up pretty well:


The pattern called for Simply Soft, so that was what I used.  Simply Soft in general wouldn’t be my first choice for a sweater, but this drapes surprisingly well.

Then, while I had all that leftover purple simply soft I offered to test knit a 2nd pattern for submission to the same book – a sleep mask:


Jasmine claimed this before I even finished it.  Although, she’s not crazy about the ties – it fell off her face during the night when she tried to use it. So I may pick up some elastic – that may work better.

And then, of course, my queue changed again because I saw all kinds of wonderful new patterns that I wanted to try. Here’s what I finished up today:


The skull is light pink (I think it looks more white in the photo – but it really is pink.) I’m very pleased with this. Although, I was worried for a minute there – I put it in the wash to felt and then forgot to watch the time, so when I ran down there to check it, I was afraid it may have gone too far.  It is definitely a very solid felt, but I don’t think I would have done it any lighter, so I’m happy – YEA!!!  And, while I was at it, I whipped up this little bowl (rav link):


I’m very pleased, because I wasn’t sure this was even wool when I was making it.  Although I had a pretty good idea. I found this yarn in a bag of “unknown” mill ends at AC Moore, although I compared and it looked just like a colorway of Patons classic wool, so I decided to take the chance. And, YEA, it worked!!!!  The bowl itself seems a little fuzzy to me (probably because I forgot it in the wash when felting), but it’s still cute, and will work to hold stitch markers, etc. on my hutch.

So, now I’m all caught up.  Halloween is over – boo hoo!  But it was fun. We all managed to get over the illness that hit the house in time for trick or treating – YEA!!!  And this means that I’m already behind on Christmas knitting (especially seeing as I haven’t actually started any yet) – but am I stressed?  Do I feel guilty????  NOOOOOoooooo.  In fact, I think I’m going to live dangerously, and put it off a bit longer.  So there!