Wicked Stepmother (not) socks

Are you proud of me?  I started swatching with the wicked stepmother.  And then decided that, while I was getting gauge, my knitting looked too loose for making a sock (at least in my opinion).  And since the pattern I wanted was not easily adjustable for gauge, I decided I’d better look for a different pattern.  Then I noticed that the yarn band says “hand wash”.  So, my question is, do I go forward with socks and hope that if I toss them in the wash they will survive or do I go with something else? Spent last evening looking through sock patterns and getting nervous about the whole washing thing. And then decided that Wicked Stepmother wants to be something else.  I think it’s finally time for Ishbel . . .

The only question is. Do I want to buy the pattern or the whole collection.  Hmmmmmmm.


Thistles & Butterflies


Whose bright idea was it to crochet a doily in three days?  Oh yeah, that was me.  See, friends of mine are getting married on Saturday, and I do have a very lovely gift prepared, but I got to thinking on Monday, “Wouldn’t it be nice to actually make them something as well.” (Yes, I know – big ole slice of crazy pie, but what can I say?) Of course, doilies are my go-to gift.  So I hit the Ravelry pattern search for ideas, and it turned out that I actually owned one of the patterns that caught my eye.  (It’s also available for free here – gotta love out-of-copyright patterns!) It’s called Thistledown – very appropriate for the bride and groom (Scottish – see the “Thistles” in the pattern?), and I’ve been meaning to work this one up for years anyway.  Perfect! So, anyway, it took a little finagling, but I did manage to crochet it up in lest than 72 hours (YEA ME!), blocked it yesterday, and it is now all wrapped up with the original present and ready for gifting.

Yes, I really do plan to make a new pair of socks soon!  Promise!


In personal news, yesterday was the big “Butterfly” parade at the school to celebrate the completion of the 1st grade’s Monarch Butterfly science unit. I was the very proud mama, since my daughter was picked as one of the (only 2!) readers – YEA.  The classes had 11 butterflies to release – it was so pretty to see them fluttering around in the mesh before the release.  And the kids loved it!