Ysolda’s Plum Cake

Just in case you were wondering, Ysolda Teague is my favorite knitting pattern designer. I love pretty much every pattern she has, and, if it weren’t for my budget (or lack thereof) and the fact that I’m already so backed up on the knitting queue, I’d be the proud owner of every one.  If you haven’t seen her stuff, definitely worth checking out!

So, anyway, it only makes sense that Ysolda’s is one of the blogs that I follow regularly. About a month ago, she had a non-knitting entry about an upside down plum cake – with recipe. Well, I don’t know if it was the photos in the post (which were drool-worthy themselves) or the fact that plums are in season and consequently all over my local grocery store, but I broke down and had to try it.

People, this cake was AWESOME!!!  Soooooo good.  Take a look:


I will definitely be making this again, and I already have all kinds of ideas for variations.  The next one will replace the plums with peaches and raspberries.  I’m expecting gastronomic heaven.  The recipe is in Ysolda’s blog post here. Oh – and extra little bonus, it uses a spring-form pan which is always a fun adventure! YEA!!!

Knitting has slowed a bit as we’ve been crazy busy.  It’s one of those – “Oh wow – school is going to start soon and we haven’t done any of the stuff we wanted to do this summer, so let’s squeeze it all in within the next two weeks.”  Plus, some work I’ve been waiting on came in – of course at the same busy time – so it’s been nuts here. I did manage to finish my “Bella Scarf” but I shudder to show it to you, because I’m very disappointed in it.  My fault – I know.  First of all, this was supposed to be just a fun “try-it-out” project, so I didn’t really worry about yarn choice.  In fact, I tried a new brand one, which also just happens to be about the cheapest yarn ever.  And, by cheap, I’m not just talking inexpensive.  It was pretty much horrible, and I will never ever buy it again.  And, no, I’m not going to tell you what it is, but I should have known as soon as I picked it up in the store.  Add to that, the pattern takes major finishing work (bane of my existence), since it’s all little squares and rectangles that have to be sewn together.  I couldn’t figure out a way to sew them together that didn’t look strange, and the poor quality, blocking-is-not-an-option yarn did not help matters.

But, at least it’s finished – because my own UFO’s tend to annoy me.  (Other people can have as many as they want, but having them in my basket makes me tense). So, here it is:


Maybe I’ll try to give it away if I can find a Twilight fan who’s not too picky about quality. Oh, and here’s the pattern (Rav Link).

So, now I’m making a wand cozy for the magic wand I bought my brother for his birthday.  (I really don’t think he reads my blog, so I should be safe – if not, well, then I just spoiled the surprise.) I’m using one of the patterns from Charmed Knits, but cut it in half, since the gauge works out to a finished product that’s about 2.5″ wide – much too wide for thin little wand in my opinion. Since we’ve been so busy, it’s coming along slowly, but so far I’m pleased.  I used it to teach myself to purl backwards so that I don’t have to turn my work after every row, so I’m also pretty proud of myself right now. Pictures will follow once it’s done.

So I leave you with a vacation picture.


Once again we were blessed to be able to use our neighbor’s shore house. That meant I got my El Portal Mexican food, and  my WingIt wings, AND we discovered the best ice cream parlor EVER. It’s called Fleck’s.  I swear all the best restaurants at the shore are in Villas, NJ! OK – Aside from the Lobster House.

By the way, if you hit the Lobster House for lunch you get the same food for a much lower price. This year’s trip was not the best – we mis-timed things and arrived at what should have been nap-time. Needless to say, the boy was a handful! Food was still good though – we just had to wrap some of it up to take home.  Oh well . . .

Can’t believe the summer’s over . . .


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  1. Kitten
    Sep 09, 2009 @ 05:13:31

    Oh, I haven’t been to Cape May in years. My friend Helen got married there and it was gorgeous. Thanks for the hint on where to go to eat. 🙂

    I’m so curious about what yarn you used now. The scarf looks nice, but I had no idea that Bella wore a scarf in the movie, so I have nothing to compare it to. I think it might be time to watch that.


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