Happy Birthday to Me!

This past weekend we celebrated my birthday – YEA!!!! So, in honor of my big day, I made my very favorite dessert – Raspberry Trifle.


This is a photo without any decorative accessories (whipped cream, rose petals, etc.) because, really, I could have put those things on, but it wouldn’t make it taste any different, and I’m all about the flavor!

And, no, it’s not a big deal that I made my own “cake” because this is what I really wanted, and no one else makes it like I do.  And, before you think I’m being egotistical, I’m not.  Because, it’s not that no one else “can” make trifle like I do – it’s just that no one wants to.  And I can’t blame them.  This is one of Graham Kerr’s recipes and it’s been my favorite since I was in high school.  It’s from one of his healthier cookbooks – I did a quick search for the recipe on the internet, but didn’t see it – Otherwise I’d post a link.

In any event, I make this recipe from scratch – yes, scratch – the cake, the jelly and the custard.  And, while I know you can cut corners (pound cake, Jello and Bird’s), it just doesn’t taste the same unless you start from scratch – which also means starting a few days early.  And that, my friends, is why no one else makes a trifle as tasty as I do.  There’s still a bit of it left in the fridge, so I may have to have some for lunch today 🙂  Mmmmm – soooo good!!!!

The birthday itself was a lovely relaxing day with dinner out at an actual restaurant (with a waitress and everything) meaning no cooking for me – WOO HOO!!!  And, the kids knew that for that one day, they were to ask Daddy first when they needed something – HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! All together a great day!!!

And, I’m excited that I seem to be getting some of my knitting mojo back – YEA!!!

The CanCans – they are finished!!! (Did I mention that I also decided to paint my nails for my birthday?)


Love them!  The second went much more quickly than the first – probably because I actually worked on them, rather than letting them languish on the hutch. They fit great – I plan to wear them all winter!

Also managed to do a few more rows on the purple Malabrigo scarf (Let’s say it together – “Malabriiiiiiiiiiigo – Mmmmmm), AND whipped up a face cloth for a swap I’m doing.

AND, as if that weren’t enough! I decided to look for some pirate hat patterns.  I have a couple queued in Ravelry, and plan to make one for my little guy for the winter. Anyway, the pattern I finally decided upon is adult size, and since Jazz is so into pirates (and saw the picture and wanted one too), I decided to do hers first to get a feel for sizing. My original thought was to do hers in pink with white skulls, but she was determined to have black and white. So we compromised – black with white skulls and pink decorative bands.

Here’s the finished product:


She loves it and wants to wear it today. (She has no concept of what 90+ degrees and humidity in the summer means). And, although colorwork isn’t my favorite, the colors really weren’t too bad.

Now, I think I want to dig into some of the sock yarn I got from Knit Picks earlier in the summer.

Oh yes, the Mojo is back, Baby!


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mairin
    Aug 10, 2009 @ 21:46:01

    Happy belated birthday! I so wish I had some of that raspberry trifle – raspberries are about my favourite fruit – mmmm!


  2. MariaVerde
    Aug 14, 2009 @ 22:45:36

    Kind of like my giving Rae her shocking pink winter scarf in July and watching her wear it for the next two hours, despite the 90-degree muggy NoVa afternoon? You see, it matched her princess dress…



  3. Rebecca
    Aug 30, 2009 @ 18:06:22

    A happy (very) belated birthday! The gloves are gorgeous – beautiful colour – and that hat is fantastic!


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