Vampire Baseball

YEA!!! My Carlisle Cullen scarf is finished. This was a test knit for a pattern that is being submitted to the (hopefully) upcoming Twilight Knits book. (Think Harry Potter Charmed Knits, and you get the idea.)  Hey it worked for Harry, so why shouldn’t it work for a sparkly vampire too? Am I right?

This was really a quick, easy knit.  It’s not exactly like the movie – I’m not even sure if the movie version is knitted – but it’s definitely along the right lines. I think if you are familiar with the film you’ll be able to see it’s a themed knit. Take a look:


I thought of trying to vampire-ize the teddy bear, but his eyes just didn’t look right as gold.  Oh well, you get the idea. Bottom line, I love this scarf.  It’s done in a cotton blend, and is sooo soft. Definitely not a winter scarf, but it should be nice for the fall with a denim jacket. And you never know when your favorite vampire family will invite you for a quick game of baseball, and you’ll need to be prepared with appropriate knitwear.

So after that, I decided that I really needed some kind of pouch for my MP3 player, since I’m paranoid about dropping/scratching/etc.


I had some leftover Noro Daria so I thought this might make good use of it. Especially since I lurrrvvvv Noro Daria – it’s so stinkin’ pretty! I used Designedly, Kristi’s Nano necklace, but had to do some major gauge modifications because Daria is not like normal yarns. Overall, I’m not too pleased with it, which is a little disappointing.  I mean, it works and all, but I don’t like the way the i-cord necklace attaches. It’s not tight enough against the sides of the pouch, but if I used fewer rows it would have been too tight.  And, while I loved the look of the Noro while I was knitting the pouch itself, the whole project upon completion feels like more crayola throwup to me.  But, the good news is that it works. So, I’ll use it – at least for now. And I’m considering trying again with my kool-aid dyed yarn.  OK – so I know if I’m trying to avoid the whole rainbow vomit thing, I’m probably asking for trouble . . . I suppose I’m just a glutton for punishment.

We shall see.  In the meantime, I’ve started some CanCans in a light green (just because that’s what I have on hand). So far I’m really liking the pattern. It’s working up really well (and quickly too!). No photos yet, but I’ll post some soon!


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