Ribbit, Ribbit

This weekend, I crocheted a sweater.  Yep – pretty much the whole thing. Here’s what it looks like:


I frogged it.  The whole thing.  Yes – I know – you don’t have to say it.  Didn’t I KNOW before I finished knitting the second sleeve that this sweater just wasn’t going to work?  Maybe I’m delusional.  Who knows.  This pattern is the kind of thing that you try on multiple times while crocheting to get the right lengths, etc., so it’s not like I can say I didn’t realize it wasn’t working until the end.  Yes, I knew that it probably wasn’t the right yarn for the job.  Even so, I probably would have kept going under the mistaken notion that the sweater would have felt lighter after washing.  But, once I finished the second sleeve and tried it on, I realized that I had worked the yoke too low before starting the sleeves, and my arms would always feel trapped against the sides of my body if I wanted to wear it.  So, I did consider only ripping the sleeves and the body and shortening the yoke before continuing.  But, honestly, this was the wrong yarn for the project.  Granted the pattern calls for DK weight.  But, I really wanted the sweater in black and I couldn’t easily find any DK in black, and I know the ball band said worsted, but it felt thinner to me in the store – maybe aran weight, and I figured that would work, because, hey, DK would probably be too light anyway. . . Nope – this is crochet.  It automatically works up thicker.  Hmmm.  But, since it is crochet, it does work up faster than knitting, so I guess it’s really not as bad as it feels.  Oh well, I’ll look for some (cheap) black DK weight and try again.  In the meantime, I’ve started another DROPS pattern for a nice easy bag in some of the purple cotton left over from my shrug.

Speaking of shrug – it’s DONE!!!  And I’m really pleased. (Pattern Here)


This was the first pattern I tried from DROPS, and it worked up very nicely.  I’m still not a huge fan of the way they wrote the dart in the center back, but I don’t really know how I would change it, so, I won’t complain.  The thing took FOREVER to block though!  Basically, because we’ve had rain 20 out of the last 26 days.  With this kind of humidity, a cotton sweater laid out on the table just doesn’t dry!

So now, maybe I’m in a purple phase, because I’ve also broken into my purple Malabrigo, and am doing the shifting sands scarf. Here’s where it stands now:


I really like this pattern.  It’s just lots and lots of cables (one over two). They’re easy enough to do without a cable needle, but they do take a bit more time. The pattern calls for DK weight but I’m using worsted with one less pattern repeat (are you seeing a theme?). I’m following Brooklyn Tweed’s  modifications. I call this my meditative knitting, because it’s basically, the same thing over and over, but takes longer than plain knits or purls.  And, because of that, while I’m really enjoying it (and LOVE  the Malabrigo), it also gets mind numbingly boring.  So, although I do tend to be a monogamous knitter, I admit, I’ve felt the need to stray.  I’ve taken a couple of breaks from this scarf (the frogged sweater from this weekend is a case in point).  I managed a set of fingerless gloves (Knitty Pattern Here):


The gloves were pretty horrible – not the pattern’s fault.  Definitely mine.  I didn’t trust the length in the pattern and ended up knitting the first one three times.  (First time, I thought they seemed too short, frogged, and knit them longer – realized they were way too long, then frogged again and re-knit to what I thought was the right size.  Although, I realized afterward that I just should have trusted the pattern in the first place). Jasmine likes them, though.  I’m guessing she’ll be stealing them come fall.

Then I took another break because I had a skein of Manos silk that was calling my name. Here’s what it looks like now:


Nooooo – it’s not a washcloth!  It’s the Darkside Cowl (Rav link), and I love it!  It’s so soft and looks awesome on. (You’re going to have to trust me on that one, because there’s no one here to take a picture, and I’ve learned that I just can’t figure out how to take pictures in the mirror). Love it!!!!

In personal news, here’s what we did on the last day of school:


Jasmine got her ears pierced at the same place where I had mine done Hmmm years ago! She did great!  The earrings were her idea, but I’m definitely the proud mama!


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  1. MariaVerde
    Jun 27, 2009 @ 02:37:23

    Are you ever *not* in a purple phase? 🙂


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