The Paisley Fish – Shameless Plug

About a week ago my friend, Lucy, sent an e-mail with a “Shameless Plug” included. She had just started her own Etsy store, and wanted her friends, family and acquaintances to come look.  Now, anyone the reads my blog, knows that I’m a huge fan of the “Shameless Plug” so off I went over to Etsy . . .


Here’s the link:

The Paisley Fish – Unique, whimsical designs, inspired by daydreams.

I met Lucy in college, and she’s always been one of the most wonderful, imaginative,  and just plain “fun” people I know. Lucy is the kind of person who can draw you into a world of creativity. Her shop’s tagline could describe the owner as much as the store. So now she’s way up in New England and I’m lost in the wilds of New Jersey. I wish we were closer, but thanks to the miracles of e-mail, Facebook and instant messaging, we still manage to keep in touch.

lucymichellew Here’s a pic of us (stolen from Facebook) from our college days – the age of big hair and bigger sunglasses – I have better photos, but I haven’t set up my scanner to work with the new computer, and don’t want to take the time to figure it out now.  So, this is the best I can do on short notice.  (Is anyone else getting a little nervous that I’ve posted old pictures of myself two posts in a row?)

Now, back to the goods – Lucy has created some wonderful, whimsical earrings – many using antique buttons. And her prices are excellent.  I saw her Rootbeer Float earrings, and had to have them.  And, of course, I justify it by saying that I’m supporting my friend – YEA!

Rootbeer Float Earrings by The Paisley Fish

Rootbeer Float Earrings by The Paisley Fish

So now they’re mine!  Aren’t they so cute?  I love the browns. They’re so warm and cheery – it makes me want to run out and get a rootbeer float to sip while I wear them. They came yesterday. The earrings themselves were in an organza bag, and the whole thing was packaged in a cute little box complete with a “Paisley Fish” decal. LOOOOVVEEEE THEM!!!!

Go visit the site! There are so many more wonderful things on there – check out the little pink or red cherry earrings!  (I may need to get those too. I’m trying to withstand the temptation.)


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