Busy Needles & Hooks

Wow – it feels like I’m just turning out the projects left and right!  Now that I’m finished with the dreaded, bane of my existence blue cardigan, I’m playing catch-up on some of the other little things that I’ve been wanting to try out.


So, most recent first.  I love looking at amigurumi, but I haven’t ever tried one.  Basically because I know that I do NOT like to make toys.  I don’t like finish work in general, and it seems that the proportion of finish work to actual knit/crochet in most toy patterns, make them not fun for me.  BUT, when I came across this little amigurumi heart I had to try it! (Plus this weekend is Valentine’s day, so it only made sense to make a few).  These are sooooo cute!  And they went so fast – and better yet – very little finishing!  The pattern calls for 9mm eyes, but I could only find 12mm, so that’s what I used, but I don’t think they look too big.  And the pattern calls for Simply Soft or Red Heart Soft, but I had some leftover red Wool-Ease within reach, so that’s what these are made from, and I think it worked fine. Love them!


Next, I finally got around to making my Daria bracelet.  Now, let me tell you, I LOVE Noro – the colors are so amazing. And Noro Daria is WONDERFUL! I made several of these bracelets.  And, I’m thinking that I may use more of the skein for a small change purse, or possibly a pocket for my MP3 player.  Love it!  Daria doesn’t have much give like a normal yarn would, so it took me a bit to figure out how to work the i-cord to keep the stitches tight and even, but once I figured that out, they flew by!


I keep telling myself that I should take a break from swaps, but the Who Knits group on Ravelry was doing a TEA SWAP!  Of course, I have to do that one.  So, in addition to a Daria bracelet, and some stitch markers, I’ve made a mug cozy to send along. I can’t tell you who it’s for yet, but she says she likes rose colors, so I think this one might do the trick.  It’s a great pattern – very quick and not much finishing (again, major plus for me!)

So those are the new items this week.

I also finished and blocked the gift doily for my neighbor:


That went off to her yesterday with a thank-you note.

And I finally blocked my Rose Green for my cousin:


It really is circular – it’s just draped over the back of the chair. I tried to block this last weekend. Washed it, and decided to put it out on our deck table to block/dry. And . . . forgot about it. When we opened the door to go to the bus-stop Monday morning, there it was – frozen.  Never fear, though, it thawed nicely, and then dried just fine!

I love when things finish, and I can start on more stuff!  YEA!!!!  Now it’s off to update my Ravelry!


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