New Room!

Well, after what feels like forever, I can now say that our house is FINALLY no longer under construction – WOO HOO!!!!  I can’t even begin to tell you what that feels like.  We have been stepping over stuff for so long that it’s so nice to know that we’re finally done!  (That’s not to say that we’re completely finished organizing – we still need to clean out all the “stuff” we’ve just been throwing into into a storage spot for the last year – but the actual construction part is Done, Done, DONE!!!

Here’s the new room!


The view from each end.  Pre-furniture, of course.  I LOVE it!  It’s so cozy.  I think these pictures make it look really big, but that’s only because I squeezed into a far corner to take the pics.  (You know that’s what they do for hotel room sales pictures, don’t you?)  The plan is to make this half playroom, half family room – so that the kids have a place of their own (and the toys have a home), but I also have a place to chill with them if I need to – or have a place to get out of the way if my husband wants to have “the guys” over 🙂  And, it’s no secret that it will be the new home for much of my knitting supplies – we’ve already moved in (what will be) my yarn hutch.  And, I’m so proud of my husband for creating this! LOVE IT!

And, speaking of needlework, I have actually been doing something.

The hated dreaded blue cardigan, while not finished, is coming along.  All the pieces are re-knit, the fronts, back and button band are all assembled.  So, the only thing left to do is attach the sleeves, add buttons and weave some ends.  Here’s where it stands now:


And, I know I should just bite the bullet and finish it up, but every time I think of it, I just groan inwardly.  Ugh!  By the way, the white threads are to mark the button holes and button positions.  (Did I mention I hate knitting cardigans?)

And, I’ve finished another Rose Red (this time it’s Rose Green) for my cousin.  Here it is, still unblocked:


And, finally, I’ve started another doily.  Our neighbor has been truly wonderful to us so many times.  Recently, she dropped off a huge bag of clothes for the baby.  All brand new – things that her grandson can’t use.  And, as she delivered them, she insisted that we were not to buy her ANYTHING as a thank you gift.  So, I decided that if I make a doily from stash thread, I’m not buying anything.  And, I think she’s the type who will really appreciate it anyway.  So, I’m making another one of my favorites.  It’s called the “gift doily” (appropriately enough) and it’s from an old American Thread Co. pattern booklet (10 cents) – part of my much beloved antique pattern collection (most inherited from my grandmother.)  Anyway, I’ve made this doily at least a dozen times – it’s small, easy and soooooo pretty.  Here’s the beginning of it:


I’ll post updated pics once it’s finished and blocked – I still have about 5 more rounds to go, and those are the rounds that really give it the little bit extra that make it one of my favorites.  I think she’ll really like it.

So now it’s off to get lunch for the troops!  And then back to the clean-out!



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