So back before Christmas, I signed up for Facebook’s 1st annual scarf exchange.  I figured, not a big deal – I can whip up a scarf pretty quickly.  Never mind that the deadline was Jan 15th – yes, right after the holidays.  Still not a big deal, except that I got the “worst headcold ever” right at New Years.  Yuck!  Still, everything went fine, my scarf has been completed, blocked (yes, blocked too – are you amazed?), and will wing its way to my scarf buddy in Connecticut this afternoon – YEA!  I’ll post pictures and more information after she actually receives it.

However . . .

I’ve decided that God must have been smiling upon me when he gave my name to JillC (RavName).  She gave me the heads up that my scarf was on its way, so I had an idea when it would arrive in my mailbox. BUT, I was not expecting the wondrous package of color and softness that greeted me.  Upon opening the envelope, I found the scarf wrapped in green tissue and tied with a lovely bit of fall-color yarn.  Then, I untied the knot, and there it was . . . <<sharp intake of breath here>>  because, the first thing that caught my eye (besides the fabu colors) was the little tag that said . . . . (are you ready?) . . . (wait for it) . . . . MALABRIGO!  <<AAAAHHHHH – that’s the Angel Choir singing>>  Yes – the absolute most wonderful, softest, cushiest wool EVER!!!  And the colors are so beautiful – all greens and golds and oranges.  I absolutely love it!  It’s so warm and cushy.  And especially perfect because it’s supposed to go down to 20 DEGREES on Friday!!!!  (OK – I know if you’re from Canada, 20 degrees probably doesn’t sound all that bad, but around her, it’s COLD!)

Oh, you want to SEE it? . . .


Most Wonderful Scarf Ever!

Most Wonderful Scarf Ever!

Aren’t you jealous?????

Don’t you wish you had one just like it????

Mmmmmmmmm – I think I’m going to go wrap it around my neck again.



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