So, Christmas is over, and I’m realizing that it’s been longer than I like between posts.  So, I thought I’d write a quick update.  Once I finished up the Christmas knitting, my needles were amazingly silent the week before Christmas.  There was just so much to do between last minute purchases, wrapping, cooking, Church and school.  Honestly, I’m glad it’s done!  Christmas was lovely, though.  As is our tradition, we avoided everyone and stayed home to a nice quiet day, just our little family.  We did manage to venture out in the evening to have Christmas with the in-laws. Then spent Boxing Day having Christmas with my family.

And, I am proud to announce that, thanks to my brother and his wife, I am now the proud owner of an 8GB (!!!) mp3 player with video – WOO HOO!!!  I’ve already downloaded a few books from Librivox, and am learning how to load podcasts – which I’m LOVING!!!!  So far I’ve listened to “Stash and Burn” which I really liked.  Next on the list is the Knitpicks podcast.  I also plan to head on over to my friend Ninja Kitten’s blog, where she has already done all the hard work and reviewed many knitting podcasts.  I intend to re-read her reviews before making decisions on which podcasts to try next.  WOO HOO!!!

Now as we head toward the new year, I wish all of you a wonderful holiday and a happy and prosperous New Year!


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