So I made a list of all the projects that have deadlines and absolutely, positively must be done.  That means, Christmas stuff, tea swap stuff, and the baby blanket for my neighbor.  It’s a pretty extensive list, so I’ve been picking up needles or hook in pretty much every spare moment.  However, I am pleased to announce that I have made a bit of progress.

First on the list was the Christmas ornaments.  I’ve decided that there will be 70 of them this year.  At this point on the calendar, my goal is always to get the crochet part finished.  Any other finishing usually waits until some time in November.  So, I am happlily at that point.  Here are 70 half-finished angels:

These are just head & wings.  They will be blocked/stiffened, and then the “skirts” (tassels) will be added.  Most years I add some other embellishment as well – a charm, bow, etc.  This pattern doesn’t seem to lend itself too well to that, though, so the jury is still out as to whether or not I’ll leave well enough alone and keep the design as is, or if I’ll try to dress it up with some color in some way.  If anyone has any brilliant ideas for embellishment, feel free to throw in your .02!

In any event, I am VERY happy to be done with these for the moment.  And, now I’m on to project #2 on the list – a baby blanket for my neighbor.  Her 2nd grandbaby was due to be born this week (yesterday was the scheduled date), so unless something changed, there is definitely a new little person in that family today.  Our neighbor is a wonderful woman who is very good to our family, so I wanted to do something special for her to welcome this new little one.  I have one baby blanket pattern in particular that is my very favorite.  I have it almost memorized and can finish it up in only a few days.  So, that’s the one I’m using.  In yellow, because I don’t know if the baby is boy or girl, and in brushed acrylic because, well, let’s face it, babys are messy and many and multiple washings are unavoidable.  Here’s where it is so far:

This is the beginning of the center section.  It also gets a wide (about 4″) border all around once the center is finished.  This is one of those patterns that looks a lot more complicated than it actually is, and always works up so pretty.  Now to just get it finished.  My goal is to get to the half-way point (or further) tonight, and then, with any luck, finish it this weekend.

So that’s where we are on the list.  If I can get past this item, then I have some smaller things that, I’m hoping, will make it feel like I’m flying through my list.  We’ll see!


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