Eileen’s Doily

Eileen is not so much a “friend” as a good “acquaintance”. We don’t really keep in touch – don’t even exchange Christmas cards, but we have a number of friends in common, and usually run into each other at one or two get-togethers throughout the year. But she called me last November when I was getting close to the end of my pregnancy. Turns out, she also had winter babies and owned a number of dressy maternity items, ideal for the holidays, and would I like to borrow them. She really was a lifesaver. Even though at that point I had no desire to dress up and go out, there were a few holiday functions that just couldn’t be avoided.

Time went on, my little one came along and life with new baby, of course, got crazy. I did manage to return her clothes via a mutual friend, but never even sent so much as a thank-you note. I fully intended to call or write, but somehow the schedule never slowed down, and here we are 8 months or so later! Feeling downright rude, I decided I needed something more than a thank-you note to make amends for the lateness of my acknowlegement of her generosity. Hence, Eileen’s Doily. (Which is my standard fall-back gift.) Not knowing Eileen’s taste or sense of style, I just had to guess. I thought a square pattern was just enough out of the norm that even if she prefers a more contemporary look, she still might like this. I do know that she at one time sold “Southern Living” so I think I’m safe.

Mom’s Doily had to take a back seat, so that I could finish this first, but I did manage to get that one done yesterday. It came up a bit bigger than I hoped, but I think it should still fit in the spot mom has planned for it. (At least I hope so.) If not, I’ll try again with a smaller pattern. Doilies are funny in that in my opinion, gauge kind of goes out the window. Depending upon my mood, I can crochet the same pattern 5 times and get five completely different sizes. I do think it came up pretty though, and I think she’ll like it. This picture was taken while it was still blocking, so that’s why you see the lovely beach towel background!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. kittyboo
    Sep 02, 2008 @ 19:30:27

    Oh, those are so beautiful. Really stunning.


  2. SmittenKnitten
    Sep 03, 2008 @ 13:49:17

    Really beautiful, great work!


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