Sweaters and Socks!

OK – so I’m catching up on the knitting blogging.  Oldest first.  I did manage to finish two sweaters for the little’uns.  First is Jasmine’s back to school sweater.

It’s the cropped sweater from LionBrand.  It still needs a button, but I promised Jazz that she can pick out her own.  Other than that, it’s finished.  It was actually an easy pattern – and all in one piece, so not much finishing (YEA!!!).  I’m not a big fan of knitting cardigans, but this one had a built-in button band (WOO HOO!).  The only glitch working it up was my yarn.  I didn’t pay attention to the pattern (so what else is new), and picked a sportweight instead of worsted.  (And my sport felt lighter than a sport to me).  Anyway, trying to get gauge turned out to be pretty annoying.  When I did manage to get the right number of stitches, they looked way too loose to me – I just didn’t like what I was getting.  So, I ended up casting on stitches for a larger size on a smaller needle and then using the smaller size measurements.  I also didn’t like it cropping so high.  J. tends to be long waisted, so I added an extra inch to the length. I’m definitely pleased with the results.  (And – for those who know me – are you amazed – I actually took the time to block!!!! – This sweater really needed it though).  The cardi came out lightweight, great for back-to-school time – just what I wanted!

Next on the list is the froggy sweater, that has been sitting in my queue forever.  At one time it was next on the list, but kept falling behind.  When J went in the hospital I was between projects – having finished the cardigan the night before while she was sick at home.  Since I had the pattern and yarn for this all together, I grabbed them along with the suggested needles before I ran out on my way to the hospital.  Problem?  I generally have to go down two sizes to get gauge.  So, of course, I was waaaaaayyyy off with only one set of needles available.  Thankfully, I paid attention in high school math.  End result? I cast on for the 6 month size and used the 2T measurements.  Kind of nice because there are fewer stitches.  (OK – maybe it’s just a mental thing, but still!).  Knitting it, it definitely wasn’t my favorite.  I was using super-cheap yarn (always do for kids stuff – we do a lot of laundry!) and I’m not a big fan of my color-working skills.  But, all in all, it knit up pretty quickly.  The sleeves are blue in the original pattern, but I was running low on blue and didn’t have a matching skein within easy reach, so I changed them to green, and I kind of like the look.  The sweater itself is a little scratchy, but I think that will soften way up after the first washing.

So now I’m back to Christmas Knitting.  Last night I cast on for Sianny’s socks.  (Notice the lovely stitch-marker from Mytmagnolia – included in my dishcloth swap package!)  I had all my needles readily available, so could use the one that gave me the correct gauge.  Like Dan’s socks, I’m using worsted, since these are supposed to be slippers.  And, I’m making them bright red – it’s such a happy color. The others I was considering were much more muted, and Sianny seems to be more of a bright-color person to me.  Like Dan’s, I’m doing them two-at-a-time, since I love finishing up and having them both done!  And – I just saw a post with a link showing how to do Kitchener on knitting needles, so I just might have to try that once I get to the end of these!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mairin
    Aug 11, 2008 @ 22:05:12

    I love those kids’ knits! Great job.


  2. silvercharmster
    Aug 12, 2008 @ 16:48:24



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