Dan’s socks done!

DONE!  OK – yes, they’re a gift, so they probably should be blocked (hate blocking!!), so I will manage to get that done sometime before Christmas.  Overall, they went really fast.  The only glitch was that, since they have 30 stitches to each instep, that means there are 7.5 repeats of k2p2, and, because I knit them 2-at-a-time, the instep of one starts with a k2 and the instep of the other starts with a p2.  It’s really not noticeable, and, since I didn’t figure that part out until after I turned the heel, I decided to just ignore it.  Besides that, I want to see how long it takes my brother to notice.  He has a masters in mechanical engineering and he WILL find this design flaw.  I’m going to time him to see when he says something.  My guess is that it will probably be within an hour of when he opens the present. We’ll see if I’m right.  My plan is to tell him that this is actually a feature that gives his socks character.  (Think he’ll buy it?)

In other news.  Our friends had their baby last night (a little boy) – so Bubba will have a playmate.  I’ve had this blanket finished for them for quite a while, but pulled it out to weave in the ends last night after they called to say they were at the hospital (did I mention that I hate finish work?).  We’ll take a ride over to the hospital tonight to visit the new addition and hand over said blanket.  It’s very light and fluffy (I don’t remember what I used for it, but know it was a brushed acrylic.)  Baby’s mommy doesn’t favor blankets with large holes in them, so I thought this pattern would be nice – plus it’s reversible.  I remember it felt like it took forever to knit, though – it’s a boring pattern -but easy if you’re looking for something you really don’t have to think about.


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  1. smittenknitten
    Jul 25, 2008 @ 19:07:29

    Oh, lovely socks! The blanket is super cute and practical too!


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