Catherine Purse Finished

Catherine Purse

So it’s done. Or – at least as done as it’s going to get, seeing as how I hate finishing, and, realistically, I doubt I’ll get to sewing a liner (or even blocking this) any time soon. (Especially since I have two purses from last winter that have yet to be lined – or even have their button closures attached – yes, I know that kind of defeats the purpose of knitting a “useful item” but, oh well. That’s also why the baby played with the faceless bunny I knitted for him for over a week before I finally embroidered the eyes. But, hey, they got done – and before he grew out of the toy, so I figure I’m doing pretty well.

So – here it is, complete with photo. I’m actually fairly pleased, although I do think this would be prettier if it were smaller. (And, my gauge was perfect, by the way). I’ve decided it’s going to be a beach bag – since I knit it in cotton. And that way, the liner really is unnecessary. I may consider making the cords longer, but who are we kidding – like that would ever get finished either. I’m already two projects past this . . .


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