Dan’s socks done!

DONE!  OK – yes, they’re a gift, so they probably should be blocked (hate blocking!!), so I will manage to get that done sometime before Christmas.  Overall, they went really fast.  The only glitch was that, since they have 30 stitches to each instep, that means there are 7.5 repeats of k2p2, and, because I knit them 2-at-a-time, the instep of one starts with a k2 and the instep of the other starts with a p2.  It’s really not noticeable, and, since I didn’t figure that part out until after I turned the heel, I decided to just ignore it.  Besides that, I want to see how long it takes my brother to notice.  He has a masters in mechanical engineering and he WILL find this design flaw.  I’m going to time him to see when he says something.  My guess is that it will probably be within an hour of when he opens the present. We’ll see if I’m right.  My plan is to tell him that this is actually a feature that gives his socks character.  (Think he’ll buy it?)

In other news.  Our friends had their baby last night (a little boy) – so Bubba will have a playmate.  I’ve had this blanket finished for them for quite a while, but pulled it out to weave in the ends last night after they called to say they were at the hospital (did I mention that I hate finish work?).  We’ll take a ride over to the hospital tonight to visit the new addition and hand over said blanket.  It’s very light and fluffy (I don’t remember what I used for it, but know it was a brushed acrylic.)  Baby’s mommy doesn’t favor blankets with large holes in them, so I thought this pattern would be nice – plus it’s reversible.  I remember it felt like it took forever to knit, though – it’s a boring pattern -but easy if you’re looking for something you really don’t have to think about.


One Tooth Less

Yep – the big day finally arrived – the tooth fairy visited our house last night (for the first time!) Jazz had to call all 4 grandparents, plus her aunt to tell them the good news. She was so excited.  I, on the other hand, felt about ready to cry.  I remember when that tooth came in – now she’s all grown up and getting her adult teeth.  And the little tooth was so tiny!!!  Being a mom is hard on the mom!  At least little Bubba will be getting some of those tiny teeth soon.  I know – I should be careful what I wish for – I remember how bad teething was the first time.

Casting On Dan’s Socks

I’ve started on Dan’s socks for Christmas.  The idea is to have “slipper socks” for both Dan and Sianny for  Christmas to add to their regular gifts. So, I started with Dan’s because it’s the quicker of the two patterns, plus I’ve JUST started learning to knit 2-at-a-time, so I wanted to go for the easier version.  This one is done in a worsted weight yarn – which is kind of weird for a sock, but perfect if you’re calling it a “slipper.”  Besides, I doubt the men in my family would wear hand-knit socks – much too warm to wear with shoes.  They are very plain but, here again, they’re men’s socks.  I have to figure out a way to get his shoe size though – since I want to make sure that they are long enough – but not too long.

Here’s  where they are after this weekend (no – we didn’t really do too much this weekend)

The heels are turned – so now I just have to pick up the gusset stitches and it should be smooth sailin’ (famous last words).

Starting Him Out Early . . .

Saturday was our annual trip to Delaware for the Robert Dick Memorial Race (and “Breakfast at the Park”) – I forgot how hard it is to go to the track with a baby.  It really was a great day, but I only managed to watch one race – and that was the Rob’t Dick, since that’s the one we specifically came to see.  But, we got our free hats, rode the trolley, J went on the moonbounce and got her pony ride, (she’s been a trackie since she was 2!).  R just had fun reading the program.

Majestic Empress Shows!

Our horse came in 2nd in her race on Friday!!!!  OK – so we own a racehorse – actually, we own an itsy-bitsy-teeny-weenie bit of a race horse (maybe part of one hoof) – but it’s still enough to call her “our horse”.  So, this was her 2nd race ever – she was running in a Turf Race at Ellis Park – they didn’t expect her to do too much of anything since she was running in some pretty good company.  But . . .  She charged at the end and got a show – WOO HOO!!!


Jazz & I made homemade marshmallows.  And they turned out awesome!!!  Although I must admit it was quite a sticky mess – not to worry – we had a nice little sugar rush going while we cleaned out the mixing bowl and wisk – even managed to scrape some together and had hot chocolate (yes – I know it’s July!)

Catherine Purse Finished

Catherine Purse

So it’s done. Or – at least as done as it’s going to get, seeing as how I hate finishing, and, realistically, I doubt I’ll get to sewing a liner (or even blocking this) any time soon. (Especially since I have two purses from last winter that have yet to be lined – or even have their button closures attached – yes, I know that kind of defeats the purpose of knitting a “useful item” but, oh well. That’s also why the baby played with the faceless bunny I knitted for him for over a week before I finally embroidered the eyes. But, hey, they got done – and before he grew out of the toy, so I figure I’m doing pretty well.

So – here it is, complete with photo. I’m actually fairly pleased, although I do think this would be prettier if it were smaller. (And, my gauge was perfect, by the way). I’ve decided it’s going to be a beach bag – since I knit it in cotton. And that way, the liner really is unnecessary. I may consider making the cords longer, but who are we kidding – like that would ever get finished either. I’m already two projects past this . . .