Catherine Purse

So I’m working on the Catherine Purse from Knitting Little Luxuries – which I didn’t buy but borrowed from Interlibrary Loan (gotta LOVE libraries). And the book is due back on Thursday. I think I should be able to renew though. So far I’m really liking the lace pattern – it’s pretty and quick. But the bag is coming up a bit bigger than expected. And, no, I didn’t check gauge, but I did go down 2 needle sizes, which usually works pretty well for me. Honestly, I don’t think my gauge is off, I think the bag is just a bit bigger than I expected. Can you imagine doing it in lighter yarn/thread with smaller needles (maybe a 3?). It would be so pretty and delicate. Hmmmm – just might have to try that. The bad news is that I didn’t check yarn requirements either (OK – I’m a bad person, I know, but this is just for fun), so I think we’ll be making a quick trip to AC Moore (a different one from where I bought my original yarn), to see if the dye lot they have is close enough to finish this bag. (I’m sure it will be fine – and this is a just-for-fun project – nothing I’m giving away or want to impress people with).


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