VBS Rocks!

BubbSign my shirt???

How many vacation Bible schools can get Bobby Rydell to come sing???  But hey, it’s a beach theme – you HAVE to have music, and who better than the man who made “Wildwood Days” famous?  (And it doesn’t hurt that his grandkids attend our VBS.)  Needless to say, the place was packed, including a pretty high percentage of “mature” ladies (the consensus from what I gather is that he’s still a “good-lookin’ man.”

All kidding aside, though.  He seemed like a genuinely nice guy, and it was wonderful of him to come sing for us.  Not only that, but he stayed during game time to take pictures and sign autographs. (Had to get a pic. of him with the baby.)  Plus, he donated a basket of CD’s, etc. for a silent auction – proceeds to go to our mission project.

I’m pretty impressed!


Catherine Purse

So I’m working on the Catherine Purse from Knitting Little Luxuries – which I didn’t buy but borrowed from Interlibrary Loan (gotta LOVE libraries). And the book is due back on Thursday. I think I should be able to renew though. So far I’m really liking the lace pattern – it’s pretty and quick. But the bag is coming up a bit bigger than expected. And, no, I didn’t check gauge, but I did go down 2 needle sizes, which usually works pretty well for me. Honestly, I don’t think my gauge is off, I think the bag is just a bit bigger than I expected. Can you imagine doing it in lighter yarn/thread with smaller needles (maybe a 3?). It would be so pretty and delicate. Hmmmm – just might have to try that. The bad news is that I didn’t check yarn requirements either (OK – I’m a bad person, I know, but this is just for fun), so I think we’ll be making a quick trip to AC Moore (a different one from where I bought my original yarn), to see if the dye lot they have is close enough to finish this bag. (I’m sure it will be fine – and this is a just-for-fun project – nothing I’m giving away or want to impress people with).